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Laughs, miracles, bright moments… oh my!

Monday, September 12th, 2011

On September 12, 2011 Elder Vasquez wrote me the following:

Hello! :D
I am having a fantstic time and I wish there was enough time to tell you about all the laughs, miracles, bright moments of hope shining toward Heaven, and all the wonderful moments that make this the time of my life! :D I absolutely love all the blessings from you and from Heavenly Father, and I realized something that really touched my heart the other day. There are so many blessings, I don´t have enough time during the week to receive them and enjoy them all! It really is the best because I can´t believe how much Heavenly Father loves me! :D I sound like a kid at Christmas, but you all are the most amazing angels I can be thankful for! Let me tell you a little about the week!
We had a baptism yesterday! :D Pepe and his daughter Claudia are the newest members of the Rosal Ward! :D It was a miracle! They are going to be so happy! I got to baptize Claudia, this is her daughter, Thabata, in the photo!
Last last Sunday, and yesterday, Elder Padilla and I got to bless the Sacrament! Did I mention it was in SPANISH!? Wow! What a blessing! Even though I had to repeat it last week, it was one of the most sacred and touching moments I have ever had with Heavenly Father! To know my sins were forgiven and that I could help with this, I was so happy. :D
So, the jersey you see on me is a custom, original! Well, other than the rights to Liverpool in England for the team! lol This was made by my previous Zone Leaders! It is the best jersey I havce worn to date! :D It is number three! And, it has my name and the Zone on the back! Saweet!
Belle! I had to take this pic of the convertable bug for you! The member´s house it huge! 

I got your package Belle! It was so amazing to receive it! That night I hopped like a little boy in the hallway beause I was so thrilled that I got all that love! :D I really did jump and smile! Stop laughing Belle! Que fea! Mira, que mala! LOL Just kidding, thanks for the talks and movie quotes! The Race really inspired me and I am feeling a whole lot better!
As for me, I am SO HAPPY! 
I have to go, but I leave you all my love and smiles! This is going to be a great week! Give ReAna a big WATERMELON hi for me! <3 Her email sent me through the roof with joy! :DDD
I love you and thank you for everything! The Lord loves you, He is with you, He is a prayer away and beside you always!
Todo mi amor!
Elder Vasquez :D