Mexico.. bowling… who knew???

Written by vbelle on June 21st, 2011

Elder Vasquez to me on June 13, 2011:


:D I can´t say enough about how much love I feel from each one of you!!!!! I am doing my best to include everything in this e-mail but if I don´t it is on it´s way next week! And first, the pictures!!!!!

Ok, so last P-day we went bowling! That´s right! And here are the pictures! Remember, you gotta show ReAna because this granny shot was for her and man was it a shooting star (just like her! :D) I hit a strike with it! Si hombre!

The other photo is with our district, Elder Carver (aka mi combçpanero and hermano!), Elder Garcia (a friend fo life), and Elder Fuentes ( a funny companion I had on exchanges who taught me to RELAX! LOL).

This is Abram, he was baptized just yesterday and was married to his wife to do so. What a testimony he has, and an example of humility and faith for all of us.

Last, this is Congo! :D He belongs to one of the sisters in the ward whom we visited this morning with her husband and I finally got a photo with Congo! He is so awesome! :D I want one! lol

I love you all and gotta go but I am the happiest missionary in the world because I have all of you!

I have enough and will let you know what I need next week but thank you and que Dios les bendiga!

Elder Vasquez

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