Can you tell I’m happy???

Written by vbelle on June 21st, 2011

Elder vasquez to me on June 20, 2011:

Hello Everyone! :D

I am literally THE HAPPIEST FIVE (AND A HALF) YEAR-OLD MISSIONARY IN THE WOOOOOOOOOOORLD! :D I got Reana’s package… loved the shirt and loved the candy!!! She is the sweetest and please thank her with showers of love on her for me until the cows come home to Granada Hills!

Thank you SO much for all the love and support, I seriously feel so loved and I am so blessed to see everything from home! Happy Fathers Day dad and I love you! I received your hug and send you and even bigger one!  

Everything is great out here! Belle! :D I don´t know how much I weigh, but I am the happiest I´ve ever been! :DDDDD

The people we have baptized so far are, Juan Carlos, Erick, Emelda and Ijsihara, Abram, and Marta.

We are seeing miracles almost everyday and I could not be happier to share the Gospel with everyone! The heat isn´t as bad as the valley but it is pretty hot out here! I miss you Boise! :D

Please let everyone in the ward know I love them and their love and support mean the world to me, I read a few of the parts from the booklet Steve made me and that was the biggest boost! :D I love them all and I say hello!

Belle, this pic of the karate is for Jorge in SB, please show him! :D and the pic of me and Mater is for ReAna!!!!! :D I found him and we say what´s up from Mexico!!!!! :D

Vic, I saw a CBR 600 and a Yamaha R6, aw yea! Love ya bro!

Jaime, I miss you and love you! G-house alumni!

Mom, your words are the sweetest ever and I love when I see your name everytime!

I know the Gospel is true and we can all benefit from the Atonement! If we apply the teachings of Christ, we can be the happiest in the world! I know Jesus Christ lives! His church is here, and blessed are we to live it!

We are having so much fun out here and I absolutely love my mission! I am laughing so hard, eating so deliciously, and receiving so many blessings from the Lord, you all are the best part!

I am learning how much God loves each one of us equally, we just need to do our part to be closer to Him and He will show us the way.

I have to get going but hopefully I can share more next week! I love you so much and may this be the biggest thank you, I love you, and I can´t belive I am so blessed by each one of you, I receive so much help from your prayers and I appreciate every one of them!  

Have a great week and saludos de Tepalcates! :D

Elder Vasquez

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