Short & Sweet

Written by vbelle on May 30th, 2011

A short and sweet message from our missionary, oh how much we love him!!!

Elder Vasquez to me on May 23, 2011:

Hey everyone! :D

I have to keep this one short but I wanna let you know I love you!!!!! :D

We have had a great week with three baptisms! This is Juan Carlos and he is so faithful, wonderful testimony and he was baptised last week by my companero! Yesterday we baptized Imelda and her daughter Ijhiara, they are the sweetest and are my first golden investigators! lol They are so loving and they take such good care of us! Food, pens, and all the love imaginable! :D

I have had a bit of a rough week personally but I had my best day on my mission last Friday when I was on exchanges with Elder Garcia, aka my new bro for life! We laughed so much, taught together, and had great experiences in getting to know each other - I learned I can still be myself and do the Lord´s work! :D

Everything is well here in Tepalcates.

I want to let you know that everyday the Lord inspires me to do His will and it´s amazing how much love He has for me even in those moments of doubt. I keep realizing it´s His work and not mine, and in the process I am learning things to use (thanks to Him) for the rest of my life!


Elder Vasquez

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