Miracles & Blessings….!!!

Written by vbelle on May 30th, 2011

All I can say is “way to serve… way to serve…” - please read below for details!!!!

Elder Vasquez to me on May 16th, 2011:

Hey Everyone!!!!! :D

Another week of amazing daily miracles and blessings from the Lord! :D

I wanted to start off with a scripture, just like ReAna did! :D

Ether 12:4&6 teaches us that we shouldn´t be discouraged because we can´t see, that is what faith is for. We can have hope ALWAYS and do continually good so we can glorify God. I know that the times that I have been most positive about keeping this I have received joy that can only come from having faith that I am doing what Heavenly Father wants, that is, serving His children. I know that we can stay positive in everything and our hope will be our anchor in the times that are difficult! :D

I wanted to share a miracle that I was blessed with last week. (Please do share)

Last week I went on exchanges with Elder Martinez in an area called Oriental. We had Chinese food for lunch with a member at her family´s restaurant! It was so different but so awesome! We went to visit members, contact, and knock doors, but when we went to a members house, my companion asked me to share a scripture, and I chose Ether 12¨:9 to about 12. The sisters eyes were about tearing up because it was that scripture that touched her and it was a blessing to her! I told her, her testimony at that moment was a miracle and answer to my prayer because I had a hard day last week, but the blessing of the Lord was upon both of us! :D She also asked us to give a blessing to two a brother and sister (maybe son and friend of the family) and Elder Martinez suggested I do them. I was nervous but had faith it would be the Spirit. The miracle was that in the blessing it mentioned something that was directly related to the sister! :D The lady that was touched by the scripture (sorry for the confusion! lol) told us that she was a nurse and the blessing was inspired! I was taken back and know the Lord´s priesthood blessings are real! Ask and ye shall receive! :D

Also, we had two confirmations last last week and my companion and I were asked to participate, what a blessing to see those young sisters join the church here, the ward is great! We had a baptism this past Suday for Juan Carlos, a great guy who is really making a change to follow the example of Jesus Christ, we are so happy for him! :D

The blessings the investigators receive for the work is so worth it and is changing the way I see the mission, instead of complaining about the heat and tiredness, my heart is learning that the blessing of the Gospel for the people here is the most important of all!!!!!

There is so much to say but not enough time! We get to see Elder Dalin H. Oaks tomorrow! The mail is very slow here but please know my letters will eventually find you all. Please know I am doing great! My companion and I are having fun and working hard, and the prayers I receive from you all are such blessings and miracles everyday! THANK YOU!!!!!:D

Tell Tierney her bookend says hello, Cathy, where are my gummy bears, the bishopbric and the ward I love them, and send Reana a hug.

I gotta go but enjoy the pictures and thank you so much for your prayers, e-mails, and packages to come! :D I love you all !

With all my love,
Elder Vasquez

I am in Colonia Tepalcates, Iztapalpa (something like that! lol) and our ward or branch is on Guadalupe Victoria! :D

P.P.S. Thank you, I feel your love all the day and I pray the Lord´s blessings upon all of you! :DDDDD

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