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Written by vbelle on May 30th, 2011

As quickly as he arrived, Elder Vasquez was soon flown off to Mexico to roll up his sleves and start the work he had been wishing and hoping for. And I must add that the change was pretty fast… one minute I’m FedEx’ing a package to Idaho and the next he’s emaiing me about his Mexico arrival.

Elder Vasquez to me on May 2, 2011:

Hello! :D
I hope everyone is doing great out there in the US! It is great being out here and I finally get to see what Mexico is all about! I want to let you know that I love each one of you and my prayers are directed to you! :D
I got off the plane in Mexico City this past Thursday and man was it such a culture shock! :D I was completely surounded by signs in spanish and everyone speaking it too! :D
This man Elder Ovando (who came with me to Mexico and is serving in Oaxaca) helped us get through customs and find where we needed to go! Thank goodness for passports! WHEW! :D So, he left and I met the secretaries to the Mission President and off we were to get to the office for me to unpack and be the companion to the assistants to the President, they were great! :D So much fun and strong testimony but most importantly, the experience gained from learning from their example!
Just yesterday I met my new companion and he is the best! Belle! Tell ReAna he goes to BYUI and is a fellow Viking! Si hombre! He´s a great leader, district leader, and another best friend to me! I´m truly blessed to have him as my companion, he told me I was an answer to his prayer for a new companion, but I know it is a blessing to me to serve him and emulate his example!
The food is great! So far, tortas, horchata, churros, rice, potatoes, chicken, chicken throat (it was legit lol), soup like mom makes like fideo, papaya and papaya water, conchas and some fruit juice like orange or something! :D The buses are WILD! Seriously, it was a roller coaster yesterday back to the office from the church building! We took some taxis and the underground metro! So fast lol but the rules of the road are not enforced here so red lights and lanes and speed limits don´t mean a whole lot! But, not to worry, we are safe and I am in good hands, I am ok! :D
I want to share my testimony that this work is inspired and I am where the Lord has called me to be. We were at a lesson last night and the girl and father we taught were able to hear how I went through the comversion process they kind of are seeing, the Lord prepared me to meet them and this is the miracle my companion spoke of! Brother Fernando didn´t go to church in a long time but went to Catholic mass yesterday and asked Heavenly Father to lead him to the truth, we were led to him the next night! :D My companion shouted for joy! Miracle fulfilled!
I love the new surroundings but I do miss you all! :D 
I love you all and may the Lord continue to bless you! :D

P.S. my P-Day is on Monday’s
-Elder Vasquez

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