T’was a guy named Gilbert…

Written by vbelle on May 17th, 2011

… who wanted more than anything to serve a mission, well… he is now Elder Gilbert A Vasquez: Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints serving in the Mexico City South Mission.

I’m Belle Vasquez, sister to this beyond great missionary and I will share Elder Vasquez’s weekly letters, pictures, stories, and updates with you. it’s so hard not to smile (and sometimes jiggle) when you read his letters because he writes exactly how he talks…haha. He left for the MTC on March 30th, 2011 so I’ll be posting several letters shortly….so let the blogging begin!!!!

Gilbert Vasquez to me on April 15th, 2011:

Hello Everyone!!!
Hola familia! It’s P-day today and I have a few minutes to write and let you know that everything is ok! Belle, I weigh about 140, I AM happy, and I need some product for my hair! lol Thank you for the suit and the backpack! I LOVE IT!!! :D Well, what can I say, I love this mission and it’s only the first 6 days! Everything has been such a blessing and this morning we were able to go to the Provo Temple! :D It was for an endowment session and I was blown away by the amout of Spirit, love, and testimony of the Savior I received while I was there. There is no work greater than this and I have never felt so proud to wear the banner of the Lord upon my heart :). My time to write e-mails is Tuesdays and I have been so touched and loved to receive every one of your letters! Unfortunately, I can only e-mail family, so Belle, you have to share my words with loved ones. It’s amazing so see hundreds of missionaries and I have to tell you, the Spirit is so tangible you can feel it even when we are eating and laughing at the cafeteria! I LOVE MY DISTRICT and we joke SO MUCH! :D I have laughed so hard and am in the arms of the Lord, He is molding me in to the man He would have me be! I want to share my testimony, the Book of Mormon is true. The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints is the Lord’s Kingdom upon the earth and we are so blessed to have a modern-day prophet, even Thomas S. Monson! :D Les amo con todo mi corazon y les doy gracias por todo el amor que recibo de ustedes. Mom, I love you and I hope I am making you happy :).
“…ask and ye shall receive.”
Elder Vasquez

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