Laughs, miracles, bright moments… oh my!

Written by vbelle on September 12th, 2011

On September 12, 2011 Elder Vasquez wrote me the following:

Hello! :D
I am having a fantstic time and I wish there was enough time to tell you about all the laughs, miracles, bright moments of hope shining toward Heaven, and all the wonderful moments that make this the time of my life! :D I absolutely love all the blessings from you and from Heavenly Father, and I realized something that really touched my heart the other day. There are so many blessings, I don´t have enough time during the week to receive them and enjoy them all! It really is the best because I can´t believe how much Heavenly Father loves me! :D I sound like a kid at Christmas, but you all are the most amazing angels I can be thankful for! Let me tell you a little about the week!
We had a baptism yesterday! :D Pepe and his daughter Claudia are the newest members of the Rosal Ward! :D It was a miracle! They are going to be so happy! I got to baptize Claudia, this is her daughter, Thabata, in the photo!
Last last Sunday, and yesterday, Elder Padilla and I got to bless the Sacrament! Did I mention it was in SPANISH!? Wow! What a blessing! Even though I had to repeat it last week, it was one of the most sacred and touching moments I have ever had with Heavenly Father! To know my sins were forgiven and that I could help with this, I was so happy. :D
So, the jersey you see on me is a custom, original! Well, other than the rights to Liverpool in England for the team! lol This was made by my previous Zone Leaders! It is the best jersey I havce worn to date! :D It is number three! And, it has my name and the Zone on the back! Saweet!
Belle! I had to take this pic of the convertable bug for you! The member´s house it huge! 

I got your package Belle! It was so amazing to receive it! That night I hopped like a little boy in the hallway beause I was so thrilled that I got all that love! :D I really did jump and smile! Stop laughing Belle! Que fea! Mira, que mala! LOL Just kidding, thanks for the talks and movie quotes! The Race really inspired me and I am feeling a whole lot better!
As for me, I am SO HAPPY! 
I have to go, but I leave you all my love and smiles! This is going to be a great week! Give ReAna a big WATERMELON hi for me! <3 Her email sent me through the roof with joy! :DDD
I love you and thank you for everything! The Lord loves you, He is with you, He is a prayer away and beside you always!
Todo mi amor!
Elder Vasquez :D

Can you tell I’m happy???

Written by vbelle on June 21st, 2011

Elder vasquez to me on June 20, 2011:

Hello Everyone! :D

I am literally THE HAPPIEST FIVE (AND A HALF) YEAR-OLD MISSIONARY IN THE WOOOOOOOOOOORLD! :D I got Reana’s package… loved the shirt and loved the candy!!! She is the sweetest and please thank her with showers of love on her for me until the cows come home to Granada Hills!

Thank you SO much for all the love and support, I seriously feel so loved and I am so blessed to see everything from home! Happy Fathers Day dad and I love you! I received your hug and send you and even bigger one!  

Everything is great out here! Belle! :D I don´t know how much I weigh, but I am the happiest I´ve ever been! :DDDDD

The people we have baptized so far are, Juan Carlos, Erick, Emelda and Ijsihara, Abram, and Marta.

We are seeing miracles almost everyday and I could not be happier to share the Gospel with everyone! The heat isn´t as bad as the valley but it is pretty hot out here! I miss you Boise! :D

Please let everyone in the ward know I love them and their love and support mean the world to me, I read a few of the parts from the booklet Steve made me and that was the biggest boost! :D I love them all and I say hello!

Belle, this pic of the karate is for Jorge in SB, please show him! :D and the pic of me and Mater is for ReAna!!!!! :D I found him and we say what´s up from Mexico!!!!! :D

Vic, I saw a CBR 600 and a Yamaha R6, aw yea! Love ya bro!

Jaime, I miss you and love you! G-house alumni!

Mom, your words are the sweetest ever and I love when I see your name everytime!

I know the Gospel is true and we can all benefit from the Atonement! If we apply the teachings of Christ, we can be the happiest in the world! I know Jesus Christ lives! His church is here, and blessed are we to live it!

We are having so much fun out here and I absolutely love my mission! I am laughing so hard, eating so deliciously, and receiving so many blessings from the Lord, you all are the best part!

I am learning how much God loves each one of us equally, we just need to do our part to be closer to Him and He will show us the way.

I have to get going but hopefully I can share more next week! I love you so much and may this be the biggest thank you, I love you, and I can´t belive I am so blessed by each one of you, I receive so much help from your prayers and I appreciate every one of them!  

Have a great week and saludos de Tepalcates! :D

Elder Vasquez

Mexico.. bowling… who knew???

Written by vbelle on June 21st, 2011

Elder Vasquez to me on June 13, 2011:


:D I can´t say enough about how much love I feel from each one of you!!!!! I am doing my best to include everything in this e-mail but if I don´t it is on it´s way next week! And first, the pictures!!!!!

Ok, so last P-day we went bowling! That´s right! And here are the pictures! Remember, you gotta show ReAna because this granny shot was for her and man was it a shooting star (just like her! :D) I hit a strike with it! Si hombre!

The other photo is with our district, Elder Carver (aka mi combçpanero and hermano!), Elder Garcia (a friend fo life), and Elder Fuentes ( a funny companion I had on exchanges who taught me to RELAX! LOL).

This is Abram, he was baptized just yesterday and was married to his wife to do so. What a testimony he has, and an example of humility and faith for all of us.

Last, this is Congo! :D He belongs to one of the sisters in the ward whom we visited this morning with her husband and I finally got a photo with Congo! He is so awesome! :D I want one! lol

I love you all and gotta go but I am the happiest missionary in the world because I have all of you!

I have enough and will let you know what I need next week but thank you and que Dios les bendiga!

Elder Vasquez

It’s a bird.. a plane.. no its…

Written by vbelle on May 30th, 2011

,,,just the coolest missionary I know. Glad to report I’ve finally caught with his letters…Enjoy!

Elder Vasquez to me on May 30, 2011:


:D It´s a marvelous Preparation Day here in Tepalcates and boy am I glad to share it with you! You will find I am the happiest guy in the world for the Lord God reigneth and all is well, all is well!

This has been an exciting week with two confirmations and a baptism! The Spirit is leading my companion and I to success and it is thanks to your support and prayers that I have the drive I had fresh out of the MTC! I am super-pumped for all the work we have to do this week, we just finished planning and the sky is the limit!

I have some pictures to share! The one of me in the sweater is from my best day at the MTC gym! 6 for six baskets, 2 assists, and one awesome pick and roll as I shot it in! All I can say is the picture speaks for itself!
Imelda and her daughter Ijhiara are with Elder Carver and I next, as well as with Elder Perera and his investigator. The rest is, me and my apartment, me and Elder Garcia, and my desk - complete with Team Blue photo, flowers, and (most excitedly!) ReAna box! :D

Thanks for my packages guys… I got them!

I love you all and want you to know you are all in my prayers and though I wasn´t able to share an awesome mesage, I know the Lord lives and is mindful of everyone of us. Please pray unto Him with all of your hearts and as my desr friend has taught me don´t hold anything back! :D

Mom, I love you too and I am covered in sunblock, don´t worry, you will see when you see the photo of me and the cereal! Thank you so much for everything. I am eating well, I am the happiest ever, and I don´t know how much I weigh but I feel healthy :D

May the Lord bless each one of you, tell the ward I love them and thanks for their prayers and awesome words, please thank Steve for his booklet! It is a miracle with everyone in it!

I love you and enjoy the week! :D

Elder Vasquez

Short & Sweet

Written by vbelle on May 30th, 2011

A short and sweet message from our missionary, oh how much we love him!!!

Elder Vasquez to me on May 23, 2011:

Hey everyone! :D

I have to keep this one short but I wanna let you know I love you!!!!! :D

We have had a great week with three baptisms! This is Juan Carlos and he is so faithful, wonderful testimony and he was baptised last week by my companero! Yesterday we baptized Imelda and her daughter Ijhiara, they are the sweetest and are my first golden investigators! lol They are so loving and they take such good care of us! Food, pens, and all the love imaginable! :D

I have had a bit of a rough week personally but I had my best day on my mission last Friday when I was on exchanges with Elder Garcia, aka my new bro for life! We laughed so much, taught together, and had great experiences in getting to know each other - I learned I can still be myself and do the Lord´s work! :D

Everything is well here in Tepalcates.

I want to let you know that everyday the Lord inspires me to do His will and it´s amazing how much love He has for me even in those moments of doubt. I keep realizing it´s His work and not mine, and in the process I am learning things to use (thanks to Him) for the rest of my life!


Elder Vasquez

Miracles & Blessings….!!!

Written by vbelle on May 30th, 2011

All I can say is “way to serve… way to serve…” - please read below for details!!!!

Elder Vasquez to me on May 16th, 2011:

Hey Everyone!!!!! :D

Another week of amazing daily miracles and blessings from the Lord! :D

I wanted to start off with a scripture, just like ReAna did! :D

Ether 12:4&6 teaches us that we shouldn´t be discouraged because we can´t see, that is what faith is for. We can have hope ALWAYS and do continually good so we can glorify God. I know that the times that I have been most positive about keeping this I have received joy that can only come from having faith that I am doing what Heavenly Father wants, that is, serving His children. I know that we can stay positive in everything and our hope will be our anchor in the times that are difficult! :D

I wanted to share a miracle that I was blessed with last week. (Please do share)

Last week I went on exchanges with Elder Martinez in an area called Oriental. We had Chinese food for lunch with a member at her family´s restaurant! It was so different but so awesome! We went to visit members, contact, and knock doors, but when we went to a members house, my companion asked me to share a scripture, and I chose Ether 12¨:9 to about 12. The sisters eyes were about tearing up because it was that scripture that touched her and it was a blessing to her! I told her, her testimony at that moment was a miracle and answer to my prayer because I had a hard day last week, but the blessing of the Lord was upon both of us! :D She also asked us to give a blessing to two a brother and sister (maybe son and friend of the family) and Elder Martinez suggested I do them. I was nervous but had faith it would be the Spirit. The miracle was that in the blessing it mentioned something that was directly related to the sister! :D The lady that was touched by the scripture (sorry for the confusion! lol) told us that she was a nurse and the blessing was inspired! I was taken back and know the Lord´s priesthood blessings are real! Ask and ye shall receive! :D

Also, we had two confirmations last last week and my companion and I were asked to participate, what a blessing to see those young sisters join the church here, the ward is great! We had a baptism this past Suday for Juan Carlos, a great guy who is really making a change to follow the example of Jesus Christ, we are so happy for him! :D

The blessings the investigators receive for the work is so worth it and is changing the way I see the mission, instead of complaining about the heat and tiredness, my heart is learning that the blessing of the Gospel for the people here is the most important of all!!!!!

There is so much to say but not enough time! We get to see Elder Dalin H. Oaks tomorrow! The mail is very slow here but please know my letters will eventually find you all. Please know I am doing great! My companion and I are having fun and working hard, and the prayers I receive from you all are such blessings and miracles everyday! THANK YOU!!!!!:D

Tell Tierney her bookend says hello, Cathy, where are my gummy bears, the bishopbric and the ward I love them, and send Reana a hug.

I gotta go but enjoy the pictures and thank you so much for your prayers, e-mails, and packages to come! :D I love you all !

With all my love,
Elder Vasquez

I am in Colonia Tepalcates, Iztapalpa (something like that! lol) and our ward or branch is on Guadalupe Victoria! :D

P.P.S. Thank you, I feel your love all the day and I pray the Lord´s blessings upon all of you! :DDDDD

Home to the Motherland!

Written by vbelle on May 30th, 2011

As quickly as he arrived, Elder Vasquez was soon flown off to Mexico to roll up his sleves and start the work he had been wishing and hoping for. And I must add that the change was pretty fast… one minute I’m FedEx’ing a package to Idaho and the next he’s emaiing me about his Mexico arrival.

Elder Vasquez to me on May 2, 2011:

Hello! :D
I hope everyone is doing great out there in the US! It is great being out here and I finally get to see what Mexico is all about! I want to let you know that I love each one of you and my prayers are directed to you! :D
I got off the plane in Mexico City this past Thursday and man was it such a culture shock! :D I was completely surounded by signs in spanish and everyone speaking it too! :D
This man Elder Ovando (who came with me to Mexico and is serving in Oaxaca) helped us get through customs and find where we needed to go! Thank goodness for passports! WHEW! :D So, he left and I met the secretaries to the Mission President and off we were to get to the office for me to unpack and be the companion to the assistants to the President, they were great! :D So much fun and strong testimony but most importantly, the experience gained from learning from their example!
Just yesterday I met my new companion and he is the best! Belle! Tell ReAna he goes to BYUI and is a fellow Viking! Si hombre! He´s a great leader, district leader, and another best friend to me! I´m truly blessed to have him as my companion, he told me I was an answer to his prayer for a new companion, but I know it is a blessing to me to serve him and emulate his example!
The food is great! So far, tortas, horchata, churros, rice, potatoes, chicken, chicken throat (it was legit lol), soup like mom makes like fideo, papaya and papaya water, conchas and some fruit juice like orange or something! :D The buses are WILD! Seriously, it was a roller coaster yesterday back to the office from the church building! We took some taxis and the underground metro! So fast lol but the rules of the road are not enforced here so red lights and lanes and speed limits don´t mean a whole lot! But, not to worry, we are safe and I am in good hands, I am ok! :D
I want to share my testimony that this work is inspired and I am where the Lord has called me to be. We were at a lesson last night and the girl and father we taught were able to hear how I went through the comversion process they kind of are seeing, the Lord prepared me to meet them and this is the miracle my companion spoke of! Brother Fernando didn´t go to church in a long time but went to Catholic mass yesterday and asked Heavenly Father to lead him to the truth, we were led to him the next night! :D My companion shouted for joy! Miracle fulfilled!
I love the new surroundings but I do miss you all! :D 
I love you all and may the Lord continue to bless you! :D

P.S. my P-Day is on Monday’s
-Elder Vasquez

The chicken is in the pot… (well sort of).

Written by vbelle on May 30th, 2011

As you may (or may not have heard) after three weeks in the MTC Gilbert’s visa wasn’t ready. So what’s the next best option when Mexico isn’t available??? Yup… you guessed it IDAHO!

Falling in love with the sweet nature of Idaho residents was the best way to start his mission… that and putting his Spanish skills to good use… below is his first week serving in the Boise Idaho Mission. Enjoy!

Elder Vasquez to me on April 26, 2011:

Mi familia,
Los amo todos con todo mi corazon y les doy gracias por el e-mail que me mandaste Campanita! :D Estoy en un centro de Historia de Familia aqui en Twin Falls, Idaho y acabamos de salir de una session del Templo! :D Es tan maravilloso y quiero que todos ustedes vengan al Templo! Alli estan las bendiciones mas grandes del Cielo y de Jesucristo. Ahorra con mis cuentos de la semana pasada! :D
Mi primer dia de la mission fui a la casa del Presidente de la Mission, Presidente Cannon! :D Conocimos a su esposa la Hermana Cannon y Belle, ella me recuerda a la Hermana Tate! La primera semana esta tan lleno de espiritu, trabajo, fe, bendiciones, amor, oracion, COMPANEROS, amistad, frio (lol), y Jesucristo ensenadome como caminar en fe a El. Jugamos balonsesto (basketball) cada manana despues que nos levantamos a las seis! Mom, no te preocupes, El Senor me da la fuerza! :D Vamos a lecciones y alli es mi favorita parte.
Las lecciones estan inspirades de el Cielo. Les quiero decir que Dios supo lo que estaba haciendo cuando llamo a unos companeros de Chile, Florida, y California para ensenar el Evangelio Restaurado con poder y autoridad como lo quiere Dios. Les testifico que el Espiritu es el que ensena y testifica de la verdad. Nunca en mi vida he visto tanta alegria en mi alma de en ver las caras de lo ninos que estamos con! Son hijos y hijas de Dios y sus ojos y voices son angelicos! Apprecian ustedes todo la alegria que viene de las sonrisas, el amor de familia, y el gozo con reiendo con todos! Nada mas que el Espiritu Santo y la prescencia de Dios se aserca! :D
Tuvimos una leccion con un hombre en un apartamento arriba de una tienda en “downtown” Buhl. Era el Domingo y nos sentimos un poco raro porque estaba lloviendo y estabamos cansados pero nos quio el Espirito a visitar a este hombre. Yo tube un poco de inseguridad pero cuando estabamos sentado con el en su cuarto, supe con claridad que necesitabamos estar alli con el. La ensenamos de la Restauracion del Evangelio y le dimos el dvd de la historia de como se formo la iglesia por Jose Smith. :D El tuvo gozo y enthusiasmo para verlo! En la leccion Dios me testifico lo siquiente:
“I will go before your face…I will be on your right hand and on your left…and My Spirit shall be in your hearts…and Mine angels round about you to bar you up” No lo pude encontrar en espanol pero esta en Doctrine and Covenants! :D
Nosotros fuimos los instrumentos en las manos de Dios esa leccion y el Espiritu me testifico que estamos llamado para hacer el trabajo del Senor. :D
Estoy disfruitando mi mission TANTISIMO y lo amo tanto! El Senor Jesucristo me esta dando tanta fuerza, guianza, y amor para decirme en las maneras tan preciosas que poner en palabras que me ama, que soy su hijo Betito y que me esta y siempre va a quidarme. :) Les Testifico que El vive y que lo se con todo me corazon que responde a nuestras oraciones. Pidele por ayuda y veran las bendiciones immidiatamente, les prometo! :D
Les amo a todos, mis amigos, mi familia, ReAna, y gracias por sus e-mails, cartas, amor, oraciones, y todas las bendiciones que son para mi. 
Con todo el amor,
Elder Vasquez

T’was a guy named Gilbert…

Written by vbelle on May 17th, 2011

… who wanted more than anything to serve a mission, well… he is now Elder Gilbert A Vasquez: Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints serving in the Mexico City South Mission.

I’m Belle Vasquez, sister to this beyond great missionary and I will share Elder Vasquez’s weekly letters, pictures, stories, and updates with you. it’s so hard not to smile (and sometimes jiggle) when you read his letters because he writes exactly how he talks…haha. He left for the MTC on March 30th, 2011 so I’ll be posting several letters shortly….so let the blogging begin!!!!

Gilbert Vasquez to me on April 15th, 2011:

Hello Everyone!!!
Hola familia! It’s P-day today and I have a few minutes to write and let you know that everything is ok! Belle, I weigh about 140, I AM happy, and I need some product for my hair! lol Thank you for the suit and the backpack! I LOVE IT!!! :D Well, what can I say, I love this mission and it’s only the first 6 days! Everything has been such a blessing and this morning we were able to go to the Provo Temple! :D It was for an endowment session and I was blown away by the amout of Spirit, love, and testimony of the Savior I received while I was there. There is no work greater than this and I have never felt so proud to wear the banner of the Lord upon my heart :). My time to write e-mails is Tuesdays and I have been so touched and loved to receive every one of your letters! Unfortunately, I can only e-mail family, so Belle, you have to share my words with loved ones. It’s amazing so see hundreds of missionaries and I have to tell you, the Spirit is so tangible you can feel it even when we are eating and laughing at the cafeteria! I LOVE MY DISTRICT and we joke SO MUCH! :D I have laughed so hard and am in the arms of the Lord, He is molding me in to the man He would have me be! I want to share my testimony, the Book of Mormon is true. The Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints is the Lord’s Kingdom upon the earth and we are so blessed to have a modern-day prophet, even Thomas S. Monson! :D Les amo con todo mi corazon y les doy gracias por todo el amor que recibo de ustedes. Mom, I love you and I hope I am making you happy :).
“…ask and ye shall receive.”
Elder Vasquez

Hello world!

Written by vbelle on May 17th, 2011